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Aardvark Casting Agency

Aardvark Casting Agency

May 1, 2012 by admin

We have started our own in-house casting agency to promote and develop the talents of our students. As the Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy, one of the largest drama schools, we hold a unique position in the entertainment industry.

We are most certainly not moving away from our ideals of self-development. We are stretching those children who do want to pursue performing arts as a career. We are giving these children the platform to grow and develop!

Our aim is not to produce child stars or prodigies, as many theatre schools do, but rather to offer children the chance of being involved in the entertainment industry. Production Companies are always searching for new talent, especially when a child has had some form of drama training.

The idea of Aardvark Casting is to utilise the talent of those children who would like to branch out and try something exciting and different. Signing up is not compulsory; however it does give confident and willing students the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Anyone can join Aardvark Casting – even adults!

To register please go to www.aardvarkcasting.com and click on ‘JOIN US’ and fill i the on-line application form.

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