Helen O'Grady Drama Academy – Derby

"Development Through Drama"


My child is confident at home but quite shy at school. Will drama help?

Definitely! Our classes are designed to increase confidence and self esteem. Parents and teachers comment on how much more confident the children have become after attending our classes for a term or more. Our teachers are very supportive. They encourage your child to make new friends. By the end of term one your child will be ready to perform at parent day.

My child is very shy. What if I pay for a term and she only attends one class?

Most children take to the lessons straight away because they are so much fun and tap into children’s natural desire to play. We always recommend you encourage your child to attend classes for at least 2 weeks, preferably more (we offer a FREE lesson). This is to give your child the opportunity to make new friends and get accustomed to the new experience. Children who lack confidence particularly need this settling in period. The benefits will be long lasting.

Will my child need to bring anything to class?

No. Just casual clothes that allow your child to move freely. Some children come to lessons straight from school and wear their uniform. We regularly use props and costumes during our lessons but they are items that can be easily located from around the home.

Can we watch a class first?

Participating in a drama lesson is very different from watching.

We encourage all children to become actively involved in the lesson to get a real flavour of the experience. Parents leave their child as soon as possible and are invited to watch at the end of the term at Parent Day.

My child has problems with speech. Will the classes help?

Our drama classes are designed to develop language. We improvise with speech throughout the lesson and encourage your child to explore what they can do with language. Speech training is a specific part of the lesson dedicated to helping your child develop clear speech.

Are there exams and certificates?

We award certificates, medals and trophies to children who have committed to the classes for a year or more. In the summer many children will be receiving a 10 year trophy or attending classes since they begin in Derbyshire and Nottingham.

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